In a pivotal era where technology meets ever-evolving audiences, are you ready to redefine the future of production?

Unveil the nexus of tech, content, and the audience at The Future Ready Production Summit, Presented by HP & curated by VAMRR Technologies.

An exclusive rendezvous, curated for M&E Titans who shape tomorrow’s content horizons”

Dear Media Entertainment Leaders & Innovators, 

Virtual Production, Immersive, Real Time Engines, Drones, Metaverse, XR, Cloud, 5G, 3D Capture, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision,,…

Technology is accelerating at such an incredible momentum, that even the most massive and overwhelming disruptions seem like just a notification in our infinite scroll. Indeed, Exponential Change has become the norm.

This change is impacting and has the potential to massively impact creation, production, distribution, consumption and the overall M&E Business.

In this edition of “WeRise by HP – Future Ready Production Summit“, our emphasis is squarely on the transformative paradigms of content creation and production

The exclusive, ‘by invite only’ event, is slated for Thursday, 12th October 2023, 6.30 pm onwards at Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai.  The summit discussions and presentations will be followed by  Industry Networking Dinner & Cocktails.

With industry panels and presentations that dissect both the disruptive emerging technologies and the new paradigms of production, as well as the critical dimensions of seamless, scalable, and secure future-ready production environments, you’ll leave with actionable insights and a refreshed perspective.

This marks the 111th event by VAMRR Technologies in 7+ years, boasting participation from over 1000+ Industry Leaders, Innovators, and 7500 Practitioners from 5000 organizations across India.

We look forward to the engaged participation of our invited guests! 

Distinguished Speakers

Aby John

Co Founder & COO

88 Pictures

Caroline Stedman Mishra

Creative Technologist

Munjal Shroff

Co Founder & COO


Chaitanya Chinchlikar

VP, CTO & Head of Emerging Media


Ashish Agarwal

National Sales Manager- Commercial Channel


Anish Mulani

Co-Founder & CEO


Rahat Kulshreshtha

Founder & CEO


Namrata Singh

Head, Emerging Tech & Digital

sony entertainment talent ventures

Yunus Bukhari

Managing Director

k sera sera


6:30 p.m.

Showreel Showcase

Showcasing 60 Second Company Showreels of all Attending Delegates..

7:00 p.m.


Introduction & Context Setting

Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR Technologies

7.05 p.m.


Evolving Audiences; Disruptive Emerging Technologies and the new Paradigms of Production


Rahat Kulshreshtha | Founder & CEO, Quidich

Caroline Stedman Mishra | Creative Technologist

Anish Mulani | Founder & CEO, Fractal Picture

Namrata Singh | Head, Emerging Tech & Digital, Sony Ent. Talent Ventures

Moderated by Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR Technologies

With the rapid advancement of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, their applications in media and entertainment content are poised to make significant strides in the near future. These technologies are accelerating, reshaping, and even disrupting production workflows, leading to a surge in creative possibilities.

Simultaneously, we are witnessing the rise of new dimensions such as Virtual Production, Metaverse, Real-Time Production, and XR. When combined with emerging technologies like Drones, the scope of innovation expands further, rendering the possibilities truly boundless.

Amidst this technological revolution, another significant evolution is unfolding within audiences. They now enjoy unprecedented exposure and access to the finest global content, all available at their fingertips. The world’s creativity and innovation are now just a scroll away, creating an endless landscape of entertainment and information.

How do M&E leaders navigate these exhilarating yet overwhelming times? How do they harness this convergence of technology and creativity, directing it towards the creation of content that not only resonates with a global audience but also stands shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world?

Focus Topics in the panel include

Creative Convergence
Exploring the intersection of AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Production, and human creativity. Assessing how these technologies redefine storytelling, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation in content creation.

Audience Transformation
Analyzing the evolution of audiences in the era of global access, infinite scrolling, and personalized experiences. Understanding how exposure to diverse content shapes expectations, engagement, and interaction.

Revolutionized Production Paradigms
Investigating the shift from traditional workflows to disruptive paradigms like Real-Time Production, XR, and Drones. Identifying opportunities, challenges, and best practices in this new landscape of content production.

Strategic Leadership in a Boundless Landscape
Addressing strategies for M&E leaders to navigate the exhilarating fusion of technology and creativity. Discussing leadership models and collaboration techniques that foster innovation, global competitiveness, and artistic integrity.

7:35 p.m.


Future Ready Production Environments - Seamless, Scalable, Secure & Real Time


Aby John | Co-Founder & COO, 88 Pictures

Munjal Shroff | Co-Founder & COO, Graphiti

Chaitanya Chinchlikar | VP, CTO & Head of Emerging Media, Whistling Woods Intl.

Yunus Bukhari | Managing Director, K SERA SERA

Moderated by Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR Technologies

In today’s media entertainment landscape, the explosion of content platforms and the global reach of audiences have ushered the industry into an era where adaptability, efficiency, and innovation are essential components for success. Production houses, whether large or small, find themselves at a crossroads, needing to balance quality with speed, creativity with cost, and tradition with innovation.

The integration of remote and hybrid talent is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and the pursuit of agile solutions that can grow and adapt with project needs is relentless. As collaboration extends beyond the studio’s physical boundaries, the focus on security becomes paramount. Meanwhile, the thirst for real-time production, driven by groundbreaking technologies, is reshaping the very core of creative processes.

This panel will explore these transformative shifts, painting a picture of a future that is already here, guided by the principles of seamlessness, scalability, security, and real-time responsiveness.

Focus Topics in this panel include

Seamless Collaboration
Exploring technologies that enable seamless collaboration for production teams across multiple locations and integrating remote and hybrid talent. Enabling maximum compute capability, and creative bandwidth across the pipeline.

Secure Workflows
Making the seamless hybrid workflows as secure, monitored and compliant as “In studio” workflows

Scalable Infrastructure Linked to Operational Expenses (Opex)
New approaches to ensuring that production workflows are agile, scalable and always run on cutting edge infrastructure, and converting capex to opex and project linked costs.

Accelerated Production
Integration of new technologies into the pipeline to speed up production, transforming the process and bringing it closer to real time.

8:05 PM


HP Driving Innovation in Media & Entertainment Industry

Ashish Agarwal | National Sales Manager- Commercial Channel, HP

8:20 PM


Dynamic Technology Demos by HP

8:45 PM


Interactive Q&A and Open Mic with all Participants

9:00 PM


Industry Leaders Networking Dinner & Cocktails

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